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Evidence, Practice and Science

Everything that SERAP does begins with research. Research feeds into all our information programs. However, research is also dependent on our access to information of both primary and secondary sources. It is one of our strategic objectives to conduct and disseminate international standard quality multidisciplinary research, and we design our research projects to be holistic and as inclusive as possible for beneficiaries. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research, needs and impact assessments, monitoring, and evaluation. It is our objective to promote international research quality standards and ethics. Research can only make an impact if the knowledge it creates is used. That is why in all our research, we not only draw upon conclusions, but we validate them and our recommendations, with the beneficiaries before taking them to the relevant stakeholders. Research on its own will not change policies. In order to uphold our mission, the SERAP programs have set up a process that links research and policy together. Research findings cannot be left idle and be expected to make an impact at the policy level without the steps of Education & Awareness and Advocacy in-between, as it would be calling for a change in policy without the support of the beneficiaries, the community, and stakeholders.

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